CAPABIO-prot is a platform of "Physico chemical characterisation applied to biomolecules" and offers to the scientific community of the South-East of the "Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur" region of France its expertise in this domain. CAPABIO proposes and opens its high level technological ressources as to academic structures as industrial structures, as to an local, regional, as national level.

CAPABIO-prot is the association of  5 sites located on 3 neighboring towns (Sophia-Antipolis, Nice et Grasse). Thanks to this association CAPABIO is able to propose a high level of complementary technological ressources for both academic structures that private structures, local,regional and national level.






CAPABIO owns specific equipments and associated expertise allowing:

 - optimal and adapted answer to research teams,

- personalized advices on methodological aspects (sample preparation, choice of adapted equipement...), on new technics, on the analysis and processing of the data obtained.






 CAPABIO is opens to academics, inductrials strcutures, local, regional and national.

  • For information please contact  the scientific leader of CAPABIOn : Michel Ponchet
  • For analysis / project please contact persons in charge of the different sites (contacts)


Process :

► First contact with one of the person in charge (contacts): project description

► Feasibility study and opinion of the users or executive committee if necessary

► Quotation proposition and plannification of the analysis