Engagements of CAPABIO for the users

  • To access management to the different instruments, CAPABIO site
  • To guide the user to the adapted equipment, CAPABIO site
  • To advise users about the analytical strategy to follow
  • To advise users about the specific recommendation for the sample preparation, supply the protocol if necessary
  • To advise the user about the sample, the evolution of the analysis, and also, problems encountered linked to the analysis
  • To propose an estimate for the analysis asked, indicating the delay and the planning of the analysis.
  • To supply a report at the end of the analysis
  • To ensure confidentiality of results
  • To assure the follow up training of the user
  • To provide assistance for the analysis, the data acquisition, reprocessing and interpretation data (only for user ever trained)


Engagements of users for CAPABIO

  • To follow the application process analysis
    • Contact the technical leader of the site
    • Describe the project during a meeting with opinion of the executive committee if necessary.
  • To deliver to the platform all necessary and needed information for the analysis (characteristics of the sample, goal of the analysis…)
  • To deliver if it is necessary for the analysis, the specific data base
  • To follow the recommendation for the sample preparation
  • To supply the laboratory equipment when it is specific to the sample, to the analysis.
  • To respect the rules of use, empty the following sheet and inform technical leader when there is a technical problem (only for the user trained)
  • To respect the rules of valorisation for the results obtained on the platform. 


Valorisation of the results

The valorisation of the results follows usual rules about signature and acknowledgment

  • If the academic results produced by the platform are determinant, the staff involved in the data acquisition and reprocessing must be associated to the publication (co-author).  A minimum, users must acknowledge the person involved in the analysis.
  • The coordinates of the platform must appear in the other forms of communication (oral communications, posters, publications) which use the results obtained on the platform. 
  • All these criteria should be defined during the project discussion and settled by executive committee if necessary.