CAPABIO proposes and participates to following training courses, lessons courses and events



  •  Lessons courses :

- To Engineer School since 2011:  Ecole Polytech-Nice Sophia

- To university students:  master, PhD


  • Training courses :

 - to PhD student since 2011 : doctoral school of Nice-Sophia Antipolis

- on site to student from different level : IUT, Masters.

- to trainees : IUT, BTS, Masters level

- of  RMN and MS (CDP Innovation, Seminars)

- to new users and follow up training of users

- supervision of PhD student


  • Events :

- Organization of the 5th day meeting : ProtéoPACA 2012

- Organization of the  proteomic research school in 2011 (Ecole Chercheur protéomique) by the Massprot’INRA network

- Participation to the science festival  (2008-2011)

- on site seminars

- XevoG2QTOF seminar  (Waters)



CAPABIO is also implied in the following network :


ASMS The American Society for Mass Spectrometry

ASCO American Society of Clinic Oncology

SFEAP Société Française d'Electrophorèse et d'Analyse Protéomique

SFSM Société Française de Spectrométrie de Masse

RFMF Réseau Français de Metabolomique et Fluxomique

Massprot’INRA National network of the INRA proteomic platform

Protéo-PACA  Proteomic regional network