CAPABIO gathers 5 sites and has 3 levels of governance


Local user committee:

Each site of CAPABIO platform owns his local user committee.
Furthermore, the day-to-day operation of the platform is performed by these 7 engineers.


Executive committee:

This committee is composed for each site by one or two technical expert(s) (engineer) and one scientist directly involved in projects of physico-chemical characterization of bio molecules. The directors of laboratories and the members of the different local user committees can be invited, depending of the agendas.

Members of the executive committee:

  • Delphine Debayle, Anne-Sophie Dabert Gay, Gérard Lambeau (IPMC),
  • Aurélie Séassau, Michel Ponchet (ISA),
  • Jean-Marie Guigonis, Thierry Pourcher, Sabine Scarzello, Charlotte Hinault (Tour Pasteur),
  • Lionel Massi, Marc Gaysinski, Xavier Fernandez (ICN),
  • Céline Roy (ERINI).

Missions of the executive committee:

  • to coordinate the activities of the CAPABIO platform.
  • to organize the activity of the platform, including the definition of its investment policy.
  • to plan for and supervise the execution of technological developments.
  • to ensure an optimal dissemination of all expertise to the users’community. Users’ training and dissemination towards the scientific community of the infrastructure’s knowhow will be an important aspect of its activities.
  • to coordinate the activities of the different platforms, although each platform remains fully
  • responsible for the execution of its assigned projects.
  • to monitor that each site reaches its objectives and to propose and enforce corrective actions if necessary.
  • to guarantee the consistency of the platform’s pricing policy.
  • to set up any action susceptible to be important for the good development of the platform :
  • to define the quality policy of the platform, and evaluate the satisfaction of its collaborators
  • to implement of an homogeneous price policy
  • to specify the communication policy (including development of the website)
  • to implement of the specifications of the platform (management of samples, analyzes,
  • reporting of results, intellectual property, publications)
  • to specify the data handling policy (servers, data exchange…)


Scientific Council:

The scientific council is composed of experts in mass spectrometry, SPR or NMR technologies, coming from the academia or from the industry.

Members of the Scientific Council:

  • Pierre-Edouard Bougis (CNRS, Marseille),
  • Jérôme Garin (CEA Grenoble),
  • Estelle Pujos (INRA, Clermont-Ferrand),
  • Eric Richier (Virbac, Carros),
  • Bernard Schoot (Galderma, Biot),
  • Joëlle Vinh (ESPCI Paris).

Main missions of the Scientific Council:

  • to discuss about the platform’s major scientific and technological orientations,
  • to evaluate the scientific and technological strategies of CAPABIO.